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Commercial buildings whether they are small or large or very large their greatest security fear is loss of products, inventory, cash and employee time. The only way for a commercial business to control these fears is to be able to see what is going on in their building. They need to see virtually every square inch of their building. The sales floor, the cash registers, the bank deposit room, the stock room, the loading dock and all entrances and exits and need 24/7/365 surveillance. They need real time monitoring of their building, they need weeks or months of recorded video. They need crystal sharp recorded and live video whether it is dark or bright or just right.

An IP based video surveillance system with High Definition cameras is imperative in order to have the best opportunity to protect a commercial building’s assets. An access control system designed to limit access to your assets no matter where they are located is essential in a commercial application. A point of sales system (POS) that tracks tagged merchandise and sounds an alarm if product is going out the door without being paid for will reduce inventory shrinkage by 60%. Another 30% can be saved by recording your employees with your video surveillance system.