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Vanderheyden Inc. was founded December 21st 1971 in South Bend Indiana by August “Gus” Vanderheyden. Since our humble beginnings we have ridden the waves of change, through times of great economic prosperity to good economic prosperity and not so good economic prosperity. We believe that the reason we still have a very successful company nearly 42 years later is because we still follow his system of beliefs and values. Strong beliefs and values will stand the test of time and that is why each person we hire has these engrained into them, not only by hearing them but more importantly by example. We incorporate these beliefs and values into everything we do, from how we treat our employees, our suppliers, and our customers. Our field technicians and sales personnel are trained to conduct themselves the “Vanderheyden Way”: we respond quickly, politely, cleanly and completely.



Vanderheyden Technologies is in business to engage in the design, the integration, the sale and the installation of cutting edge technology systems. Our goal is to provide our customers with all of their current and future technology solutions. Customer service and satisfaction after the sale is the most important component of the success of our company.